Strata NY topic analysis

Going to Strata in New York?  Trying to justify it to your boss/friends/spouse?  Same here.  So I decided to try and analyse what was being said in the session overviews.

Not surprisingly the word “data” appears everywhere, but it’s the other terms that make this mini analysis interesting.

Overall we see data, business and analytics are the key themes (or words), but breaking the conference down into its self described tracks highlights some other interesting features.

What got chosen to be keynotes?  Well its not dissimilar to the overall theme, but do those words seem a bit more ambitious and foreward looking to you?  The rise of both human and machine strikes me as interesting!


Word cloud for the Keynote sessions


The Business track is back to the main themes, but with rather more emphasis on analytics and business.  It’s good to see that business buzzwords aren’t dead either.


Word cloud for Business sessions


In the Data stream we get our first surprise:  the arrival of Google and the cloud.  We also see the word model, which as a data miner I think is positive (although no mention of mine/mining).


Word cloud for Data sessions


No surprise that Interface we see both graphs and visualization, but we also get mistakes!


Word cloud for Interface sessions


In Ethics we see the rise of the individual, concern about privacy, and an implication that data may be inferred…


Word cloud for Ethics sessions


But when we get to the Sponsored category we see a totally different focus.  Yes, analytics, business and data are there, but so are Cassandra, Apache, Hadoop and Mapreduce.


Word cloud for sponsored sessions


Created with  Names of individuals were removed, and there seems to have been little synopsis normalisation (forcing you to write less than 100 words) from the organisers, so the succinct lose out to the verbose.  I also elided a number of words such as analysis and analytics, map-reduce and mapreduce…