A data in the life… what do I do that generates data?

Whilst I was working on a presentation it occurred to me that we talk a lot about the amount of data being generated in our new ‘Big Data’ world, but when asked to quantify it we tend to talk in generalities… smart phones, IP, Twitter, Facebook (and too many of us just talk about those last two).

So instead I thought I’d try and record what I actually did, and which bits generated data.  I’m not to bothered about the question of is the data actually captured – lets just assume that it might be at some point in the future.

I tried to go further, and try to think of the types of question that could be answered by the data, if it was stored.  I’m not sure how successful that was, but any failings are in my imagination, not in the concept.

About me (and my data)

I live in ruralish Leicestershire.  So many of the data opportunities available to Metropolitan man are unavailable to me.  No Oyster/Muni tickets, for example.  I travel a lot.  I have an iPhone and an iPad.  I’m probably not typical, but I’m probably not that unusual either.  I’m married with children.  Not that that stops the spam bots.

So here are the images – feel free to borrow them, comment on them etc…

Data generated in the morning

Data from the afternoon


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