NoSQL? NOSQL? How about NOHadoop?

Comrades (for that is how all good exhortations to action begin), it is time for us to stand up against a Heresy that is sweeping the world of Big Data Science.

The Heresy is that there is only one God, and its name is Hadoop. This yellow elephant is being taken by some to be the alpha and omega of data science.  Just the other day an eminent blogger started a comment by saying “If Logo of BIG data is Elephant, What is the Logo of Analytics?”

And this is annoying.

It’s like saying the logo of driving is a prancing horse (sorry Daimler).  Or calling a computer tablet an iPad.  Well forget that last one. But you get the idea.  Hadoop may be the fastest example of eponymy ever; it has almost become a generic brand name. “Lets get us some of those there Hadoops” can virtually be heard coming from the boardrooms of the Global 3000.

But only almost.

There is still time for the business idea of big data science to triumph if all of us non-Hadoop struck folks get together.

So, if you like MongoDB, if you think SQL has a few tricks up it’s sleeve, if you R a data mining pirate, if you think the use comes first and the technology comes second, then join the Not Only Hadoop campaign.

Say #NOHadoop


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