THE Ranking Cycle

Unusually, for me, this blog concerns my (paid) work! A large part of that is putting together the various rankings for Times Higher Education. Now, from the inside these all make perfect sense, and we’re well aware of when they happen. But from the outside, maybe less so.

This blog is really designed for people interested either in submitting data, or for using the outcomes of our rankings. And possibly a few rankings geeks too. But mainly it is designed as a handy reference point. As dates get closer I will update this blog to reflect the progress of the cycle.

As a brief reminder, THE produces two levels of ranking: Rankings (note the capitals) and editorial analysis. Our main focus from a data team is on the former, although we do support our friends in the magazine on editorial analysis too.

The Rankings are far more structured, and also more likely to be tied down in terms of dates. Publication dates are usually designed to coincide with one of our Summit series.

Within the Rankings there are two streams: the World University Ranking, and our Teaching Rankings – currently the Japan University Ranking, and the US College Ranking.

The approximate dates for our next rankings are as given below:

World University Ranking Series

Name Date Data collection cycle
Reputation 15/06/2017 2017
Europe 22/06/2017 2016
SE Asia 05/07/2017 2016
Latam 20/07/2017 2017
WUR 05/09/2017 2017
Subjects September 2017 2017
BRICS and Emerging December 2018 2017
Asia February 2018 2017
Young Spring 2018 2017
Reputation Summer 2018 2018
SE Asia Summer 2018 2017


Teaching Series

Name Date Data collection cycle
US College 28/09/2017 2017
Japan University Spring 2018 2017
European Teaching Summer 2018 2017


Editorial Analysis

This is (inevitably) more variable, as it depends on what the editorial team think is insightful and interesting to our readership, but it is likely to include the following:

Name Date Data collection cycle Data source
Employer November 2017 2017 Survey
Liberal Arts Winter 2017/18 2017 USA
International Winter 2017/18 2017 WUR
UK Student Spring 2018 2017 Survey
Small Universities Spring 2018 2017 WUR