Some thoughts on the Aprimo Offer Exchange

Firstly, let me say that this is not intended as a screw you analysis: the Aprimo Offer Exchange is a good idea, produced on a limited budget by some cool people. Instead this is intended to ask important questions about it and to try and suggest opportunities for improvement…

What is the Offer Exchange? Well those of us at Teradata Partners are being given a chance to sign up and then like various companies on Facebook. When we do this we are sent emails/in app offers from those companies. So far so good: the offers are varied, and some are pretty good. They come from a wide range of companies including Starbucks and local pubs (so useful!).

But it has its problems:

1: Targeted Marketing != Spam

I’m getting spammed. There is no other word for it. I had thirty emails on the first day. Now, yes, I consented, but I expect marketing organisations to treat my consent with respect!

2: Confusing offers

I’m getting multiple offers from the same company at the same time…

3: No sign of a measurement ability

This is my main gripe: there is no obvious way that the companies concerned can identify that an offer sent to me has been responded to. How can the targeting improve if there is no measurement? How can you rune A/B tests?

So for improvements: sort out measurement, model responses, segment and target, limit contacts!